Mobile Game Development Service

Today, the mobile gaming market has grown to one of the most significant digital platforms for both game developers and publishers. It is a very popular category of the mobile Apps and they are worth of about $25 million in revenues.

The mobile games prove to be a great way of earning huge profits today and the most famous model is In-App purchase right now. In this, the users can download a free version of the games and can upgrade to the paid version later. So, once the users develop an interest in the game, they are ready to pay.

Browser Based Games

These games are played virtually on any kind of device from smartphones as well as computers. Our developers have developed many browser-based games using HTML5 for Android and iOS users. We specialize in designing engaging and entertaining mobile games which attract a large number of audiences. As HTML5 development is quite faster and cheaper most clients prefer it due to this.

Cross-Platform Game Development

Mildapp has been developing various native and cross-platform games for diverse clients across the globe. Though there are several tools for cross-platform game development, Mildapp recommends and supports the Unity tool. It is quite useful and easy to use for a fast development of creative games.

The integrated Unity Editor displays all the assets and it also previews the game’s look. It eliminates the need of repeated compiling. It also accepts textures, meshes, bones and anims from many different 3D modeling programs, like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave and Blender. Mildapp has mastery in the Unity game development and our clients say so about us.

Types of games we develop

 • 2D & 3D Games
 Arcade & Puzzle Games
 Action Games
 Board Games
 Trivia Games
 Adventure Games
 Sports Games
 Educational Games
 Role-playing Games
 Racing and Driving Games
 Simulator Games

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